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Sophie's Love
Writings of a Soulful Heart
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1st-Jan-2015 08:41 am - ~Links~
Since I've set up my Journal so that the layout doesn't show any personal links (it kinda messes up the layout if it does), I'm going to make this post for my links. So, if interested, you can check 'em out. It's just links to my art gallery, and other stuffs.

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My Header image (the girl), was drawn & colored by an awesome artist, `ravenskar. Here's the original picture, before I extracted/edited it for my header XD

That is all :p

20th-Feb-2014 11:57 am - Feature Article - Cosplay Arts

Cosplay Arts. As popular as cosplay seemingly is today, a vast majority of the population is either completely unaware it exists, or disregards it all together. The art of designing costumes based off of loved characters--be they comic, animated, acted, or 3D--has spread internationally, and is continuously growing its masses. But where did cosplay come from? What makes it fun and unique? What drives people to spend hundreds of dollars, hours and hours on end creating a single piece? Hopefully this assignment will be able to answer those questions and many more.

Below are just a few simple questions to get the ball rolling:

1. Have you ever seen, heard, or met someone who has either cosplayed or created a costume for a friend?
2. What was your opinion upon viewing cosplayers? (Did you think they were silly? A waste of time? Childish?)
3. Do you think cosplay is just a "phase," and will eventually die down, or is the art of cosplay here to stay?

Here are a couple of links to get an idea of what I mean by "cosplayers."

"50 Best cosplays of all time"
"Yaya Han"

     Well, it has been a while since my last post (of course, this always happens...), I suppose there's loads to talk about. According to my previous entry on the 25th of February I had completed my very first Photoshop project for my Digital Imaging course. Ah, it was a lovely project. Since then I have done 3 more major projects for that class, and the semester is now over~ I got to do an Editorial (photo manipulation project) on Michael Jackson. Absolutely loved it! And my professor loved it, too XD I'll put some links at the end of this post to some of the work I've been up to these past few months o/

     By far one of the easiest courses this semester was Critical Thinking. I got great professors for all four of my courses; man, did I luck out XD. Gotta love "RateMyProfessors.com", seriously--a lifesaver. Did so well in Critical Thinking with a 99.56% average that I was exempted from the last test, and the final exam~ Yay, me~ \o/ Needless to say I got As in the other three courses, too~ (English, Math, and Digital Imaging (Photoshop)). I am very proud of myself. I've come so far...from sitting in a cave day in, and day out, not doing anything or going anywhere besides hospitals and the occasional complex gatherings (rarely even then), to...finishing my first semester of college... This year has been amazing. I am so thankful for everything I have, and to everyone who helped me get here. The struggle isn't over, but...at least, it has become a little more tolerable. 

     Right now I am living with my brother in his one-bedroom apartment. We've been in this apartment since August of last year. By the end of July we'll be moving to a two-bedroom apartment. Finally.. a two-bedroom..I'll get my own room. You have no idea how much I've needed it. Even though I was told the bedroom in this one-bedroom apartment is my own space..and I sleep there and all..it's not really my room.. In the beginning I would have to leave the room and sleep on the floor in the living room because a friend of his would come over after midnight on Fridays and use our walk-in closet to record his music for upcoming performances. Now..I've got no problem with this friend, Nick, he's a great guy, but whenever he comes over I no longer have any privacy. Before I got my computer I almost lost my mind (was sharing my brother's laptop with him). Things are better now, as far as that situation is concerned. Nick no longer comes over..he's been really busy with work and live performances. So, I get to sleep in "my" room every night now...for the most part XD

     I'm babbling... I really want to just let everything out. All my frustrations, annoyances, and plain ol' disturbances with..certain people... Let's just do this in parts.

     In any case, my semester is over~ with flying colors~~ I'm currently on break until the 4th of June when my Summer semester starts. I'll be taking only one course this summer, Web Design I, with the same Professor I had this Spring for Photoshop class. He is awesome. Although I am really looking forward to it, I'm a bit nervous. A lot of stuff is going to change during the summer.. I hope I am able to adjust accordingly and don't stress myself out. I've applied for a part-time job at PetSmart as a Bather/Groomer. Hopefully I get it, but I'm not gonna trip if I don't. I'll just keep looking. I really need some other form of income besides Financial Aid..for me, myself, and I. I don't want to be out in the heat this summer for medical reasons but..if I get that part-time job I'll do what I gotta do to make things right. Time to start saving up to move out of my brother's... Can't stay here forever..I'll go insane.

    One thing I have become more and more aware of these past couple of years, and even more so this year, is that...well, I am better off by myself. When I'm sick I prefer being alone; after surgeries I prefer recovering alone; when I'm tired or swamped with work I prefer to be alone. I prefer it... I'm a better person, alone. I like my privacy, my space, and the quiet calm that comes with it. I suppose it's because I've lived by myself for so long. People frustrate me too much now...they stress me out with their drama and their materialistic qualms, their inconsiderate behaviors, and their seemingly lack of...man, I don't know what you'd call it but daym... the people around me now seem to think it's okay to disregard my existence, needs, and medical issues when it hinders their plans.. yet they want me to step in and do shit for them.. Ugh..frustrations man...frustrations.. >_<

    I'ma leave it at that. I hope everyone/anyone who reads my entries gets a little something out of them..what could they get? Lord only knows, but perhaps a little something none-the-less XD

Toodles all~ o/
Aloha all~ Once again an evening post, lol, guess I really am a night owl~ Aren't we all? XD Anyway, I'm making this post to show what work went into making the CD covers for my project. Below are the original photos and materials I used, along with the finished products. If you got any questions feel free to ask. 

Images under the cut. Image Heavy.


Packaging & Materials here~Collapse )
27th-Dec-2011 03:15 am - Christmas & Family
So, I'm finally home after spending the weekend with my sister and her family for Christmas. Yes, although I am muslim, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't take it from a religious standpoint, but from the point of "spending time with family". It was my first time experiencing Christmas in 20 years, and it was really something else. The time spent with the family and in-laws, and the whole feel of it all was just so warm. It made me miss those days when it was just my mom, brother, sis and I, and we'd be chilling, hanging out, just enjoying our time together on Eid. It's been so very long since I've felt that warmth, and it almost made me cry. My older sister's in-laws are so down-to-earth and easy to get along with. They welcomed me into the family from the first moment they met me. The whole thing was just great. I'm looking forward to spending more time with them and getting to know 'em better XD

On another note, I am sick as a dog. It might have been the fact that I've been in a cave for a while now and was just suddenly thrown into rooms full of adults and kids for two days straight. I've been trying to sleep for the past few hours but this cold, or whatever it is, is kicking my ass. I've got tissues stuck up my nose, sniffling, snot dripping everywhere, a fever, ears hurting like hell, and all my joints are aching, real bad. Perhaps I can get my brother to punch my lights out; that'll get me some good rest for a few hours...until I wake up in pain from the hit, lol~ Yeah...that may not be such a good idea :p
Well, since I ended up thoroughly enjoying Jin's Yellow Gold Tour, and have noticed it's a bit hard to find proper rips, if any at all, I decided to rip my own. So, here they are~ I've ripped the ones I really enjoyed. There are just a couple others that I didn't rip. If anyone wants them, feel free to ask. The ones I, naturally, didn't rip (besides the ones I weren't into), are those that already have CD quality rips available.

Below are the individual links, and a zipped folder of them all together.

Rips here~Collapse )

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